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[pam-list] irix pam configuration


Sorry for adding an irix question here, but I can't find a corresponding
irix list.  Hopefully someone here can help.

I've got an SGI with IRIX 6.5.23.  LDAP and PAM software loaded.  I've got
a redhat 8 machine as the ldap server, which has properly served other

I haven't yet configured the pam.conf or pam.d directory.  First problem
is that in IRIX there are 2 places pam.conf might be and one place where a
pam.d directory might be.  As installed, pam.conf is in neither place.
pam.d has only an "other" file. (man page says pam.d will be used if it

So I try to log in and fail.  ngrep on my ldap server shows that the ldap
request came in and was answered.

But when I look in pam.d and use ls -lu (to see when a file was last
accessed) the "other" file is not being accessed during the login attempt.
If I create basic pam.conf in either or both of the named places, they too
are not accessed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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