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Re: pam_tally and fail_locktime

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
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Dan Hollis wrote:
pam_abl works great in general, though it doesnt work at all on x86_64
at the moment. maybe someone more clued on pam can fix it.
I understand that the way pam_abl detects the end of a failed auth
attempt is dependent upon services calling the PAM functions in a
particular way - perhaps this is different on x86_64s to their predecessors?

"After doing some tests, I have found that the cleanup function registered by pam_set_data is never called."

whether the bug is in x86_64 pam or in pam_abl is unknown at the moment. but ia32 pam_abl works fine.

if the api for x86_64 pam is different, sounds like a pam bug to me. but afaik no other applications that use pam have breakage like this, so i'm going to assume it's a pam_abl bug.


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