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RE: openssh-4.0p1 and linux-pam

Title: RE: openssh-4.0p1 and linux-pam

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From:   Darren Tucker [mailto:dtucker zip com au]
Sent:   Wed 10/5/2005 10:09 AM
To:     Pluggable Authentication Modules
Subject:        Re: openssh-4.0p1 and linux-pam
On Wed, Oct 05, 2005 at 09:20:33AM -0300, Guilherme Mazzela wrote:
> Does openssh-4.0p1 accept map of user names by a pam athentication module
> so i can authenticate users that aren't im my passwd file?

Purely mapping with from a non-existent user to an existant user within

No, OpenSSH doesn't support that.

> if so how i do that?

If you have an nsswitch module that can provide the usernames then that
will work (eg nss_ldap or similar).

Darren Tucker (dtucker at zip.com.au)
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Thank you

Guilherme Mazzela

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