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Re: how to associate PAM module to a service in non-obvious cases..

But I tried removing "login" file from pam.d dir.
"telnet" still worked. But it never worked when
there's no "remote" file in pam.d. I thought "remote"
is the entry PAM module used in case of telnet


--- Darren Tucker <dtucker zip com au> wrote:

> Raj wrote:
> > For eg. I don't have any file by name "telnet"
> under
> > /etc/pam.d dir on my Redhat linux. In such cases,
> how
> > do I definitely identify an Entry PAM module for a
> > given service?
> The mapping from a program to which PAM service name
> it uses is done by 
> the program, so you will need to determine it on a
> program-by-program basis.
> In your example, telnet will invoke /bin/login, and
> that will use the 
> "login" PAM service.
> If an application asks for a PAM service for which
> there's no specific 
> configuration then you will get the "other" service,
> although there is 
> no way for an application to know that this has
> happened(?).
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