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Re: what are legal entries for passwd db in nsswitch.conf

Hello Raj
Check out NIS+. You can have a master node with all users there, but it´s not really easy to configure and maintain. Sometimes, LDAP is a good solution too.
Good luck.
Valdir Leite
valdirh gmail com
Sao Paulo - Brazil

On 10/7/05, Raj <mutthuraj yahoo com> wrote:

Am trying to find the full list of valid lookup
entries for "passwd:" database in nsswitch.conf in
redhat linux.
I was wondering if I can specifiy AAA server lookup

Basically, I have a AAA client where I don't want to
duplicate the creation of user account which already
exists on AAA server. I was thinking of providing
nsswitch lookup of AAA server for passwd DB from my
AAA client machine.


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