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New PAM module pam_krb5+ldap

I have been working on making some additions to the original pam_krb5 module for a little while and I can say that it is stable enough for release. Details on the additions follow;


Linux-PAM libs
Kerberos libs
OpenLDAP libs

Anyone that has used the existing pam_krb5 authentication module for linux clients has at some point had to configure a new service to provide user enumeration such as NIS, Samba etc., or as well as setting up a new service had to configure the pam_ldap module or some other method of keeping user accounts, more specifically the uid, and gid for the user available to the pam_krb5 module during the TGT verification process.

Since we do not authenticate users against LDAP, NIS or Samba but have a LDAP / AD directory filled with users, uid's, gid's, home directory's and default shell's I have added a couple of functions to generate the userdata that populates the AD (unix services schema) / LDAP directory and hand it off to the TGT verification process.

Not everyone out there has this type of setup I understand, but for those that do require Kerberos authentication and don't wish to run a secondary service such as NIS when they already have a good AD / LDAP directory filled with user data this is your module.

I hope this helps some people out and if you find anything wrong with it let me know.


Jason Gerfen

"My girlfriend threated to
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