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Re: New PAM-Module: pam-cifs

Hi Wilhelm,

The pam_mount module seemed to work alright but I wanted to use it with
ssh but there is an outstanding bug with ssh that prevents me doing that
- some problem to do with ssh privlege separation and the  userid /
passwords not been passed from pam_unix to pam_mount   I will be
interested to see if your module works in that case. 

Another thing is that I was wondering why you needed to create this
module.  Will it offer anything that pam_mount doesn't - pam_mount seems
more general purpose.  No offense but it seems like re-inventing the
wheel to me.  BTW, I saw recently that the pam_mount maintainer is
looking for someone else to take over maintenance of it. 



> Hello everybody,
> I wrote a simple Linux-PAM module named pam_cifs which is of special interest 
> to all linux-cifs-client users:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/pam-cifs
> pam_cifs is responsible for mounting cifs-shares on login of users to the 
> system. It is really usefull in combination with pam_ldap and nss_ldap. The 
> unmounting of cifs-shares is done via a little daemon, to ensure, that the 
> filesystem isn't in use anymore.
> This is a very (!) early state of this project (currently version 0.4), but it 
> works. Compared to pam_mount this module is much, much simpler and has a 
> different architecture and its limitations.
> Kind regards,
> Wilhelm Meier
> email: meier informatik fh-kl de

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