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On Wed, Sep 28, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> * Thorsten Kukuk 
> | * pam_umask: New module for setting umask from GECOS field,
> | /etc/login.defs or /etc/default/login
> It would be nice if you actually implemented the same set of semantics
> as which are in the pam-umask module by me and has been around for the
> better part of a year.
> Also note that /etc/login.defs is a file provided by shadow and the
> umask setting is going to go away from there as soon as there is
> satisfactory support in pam itself.

The umask setting itself has nothing to do with support in PAM
itself. Every piece of software supporting that needs a config file
from where it gets the value, and currently the value is there 
and the module honours that.


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