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Re: retrieving failed usernames from a module? possible?

Dan Hollis wrote:
Is it possible for a module to retrieve the attempted username in a failed login if the user does not exist on the machine?

The module pam_abl[1] can only show NOUSER[2] when a login failure occurs with an invalid username.
I'd like to know what actual username was attempted, instead of "NOUSER".

Is it possible or would this need to be a modification to PAM?

What app is that? My guess is OpenSSH's sshd, which used to supply "NOUSER" to PAM if the user didn't exist.

If so, you just need a newer sshd (the behaviour in question changed a couple of years ago, between 3.6.1p2 and 3.7p1) or a patch for whatever version you're using.

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