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Unable to log in with anything but runlevel 1

Hi all,
I just discover a weird problem after rebooting my machine after an
apt-get update some five hours ago. I am unable to log in any runlevel
other than linux single (i.e. 1). When I try to log in both from gdm and
in the console, the prompt simply jumps to the login promt again without
offering me the option of typing my password; it merely says login
incorrect trying to use my user login or the root login. I am able to log
in recovery mode using the root account. I am a bit lost on where to look
to solve the problem. I have disabled almost everything in runlevel 2 to
check if it works but stil I can't log in. From recovery mode I am able to
su to my normal user and it works, though I can't log in Xorg since many
of the demons are not started.

I don't know where to look for the answer, any hints on what can be the
problem? I am copying the output of auth.log as well as the relevant files
in /etc/pam.d/. I am using pam 0.79 in Ubuntu (Check libpam version in the
tgz I am sending). I am getting a bit desperate here and I don't want to
reinstall the whole root partition, so any help will be appreciated!
Please, Cc: to me as well as to the list.


Royal Institute of Technology

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