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Re: Unable to log in with anything but runlevel 1

On Sat, 05 Aug 2006 12:41:40 +0300, Ignacio Mas Ivars <nacho kth se> wrote:

Hi all,

I don't know where to look for the answer, any hints on what can be the
problem? I am copying the output of auth.log as well as the relevant files in /etc/pam.d/. I am using pam 0.79 in Ubuntu (Check libpam version in the
tgz I am sending).

As I can suggest from a bunch of theese lines:

Aug 4 22:47:52 localhost login[3901]: PAM (login) illegal module type: @include

Your PAM version doen't know how to handle those lines @include common-(auth|account|session|password).

I played with this yesterday: i'd ported Kubuntu pam.d service files to CRUX (http://crux.nu just in case you wonder).

I don't know why this happened to you: maybe you've installed third-party pam package or else - this has no value now right? :)

You may just change the lines like @include blah-blah-blah to a PAM syntax e.g

@include common-auth  => auth  include  common-auth
@include common-account  => account  include  common-account

I'd suggest you try this on /etc/pam.d/login first:

cp -a /etc/pam.d /etc/pam.d-
cd /etc/pam.d
sed -r -i 's/^ include +common-(auth|account|session|password)/\1 include common-\1/' login

If this helps (you may login on console to a shell prompt), run the following in /etc/pam.d:

cd /etc/pam.d
for _pam_ in *; do
sed -r -i 's/^ include +common-(auth|account|session|password)/\1 include common-\1/' $_pam_

I've attached a working version of 'login'.



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