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pam_mount causes graphical login to hang second time

Hi everyone,

I installed pam_mount (version 0.13.0-3) on my fedora core 5 desktop two
days ago, and I set it up to mount some network shares on our active
directory domain using cifs mount.  My desktop is also joined to the
domain for active directory authentication using winbind.

I am able to login graphically without any problems the first time.  The
relevant shares are also mounted.  When I logout, I can also see that
the shares have been removed (from an ssh login from an adjacent
computer).  However, when I try to login again, I get authenticated, but
my graphical session goes blank, and doesn't even reach the splash

To fix this, I need to login as root using either a remote ssh session
or the virtual consoles; go to runlevel 3, then back to runlevel 5.
After doing this, I can login once without problems once. However, after
logging out, the same problem repeats.

I thought it might be a problem with the cifs mount/unmount process that
pam_mount was using, so I tried mounting nfs shares only instead.
However, even when using nfs shares, the same issue occurs.

This issue only occurs with the graphical login though.  When I login to
a virtual console, I can easily login/logout as many times as I like.
The same is true with ssh-- for ssh-- even the pam_mount mounted shares
are not unmounted, but I can login/logout as many times as I like.

I use smb4k for network browsing/share mounting, but I believe that I
can configure pam_mount to work correctly, it will be even more
effective in their transition from windows.

I will be happy to provide any detailed information on my setup/log
messages if you want.  Thanks in advance,

Prajjwal Devkota

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