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pam_mount problem

hello together,

i am to stupid to configure pam_mount correctly.

i configurd /etc/pam.d/gdm to automount a smb share on gnome-login.

the pam entries seems to be correct (i've got entries in /var/log/auth.log)

her is my local user config ~/.pam_mount.conf:

volume user smbfs samba POST /home/martin/POST - - -

(samba = name of samber server in our network
POST = name of samba share
/home/martn/POST = mount point)

on login in get an error message:

no volumes to mount!

both config files (local and /etc/security/pam_mount.conf) are chmod 777!!!!


debug 1
mkmountpoint 1
fsckloop /dev/loop7
luserconf .pam_mount.conf
options_allow	nosuid,nodev,loop,encryption,fsck

lsof /usr/sbin/lsof %(MNTPT)
fsck /sbin/fsck -p %(FSCKTARGET)
losetup /sbin/losetup -p0 "%(before=\"-e\" CIPHER)" "%(before=\"-k\" KEYBITS)" %(FSCKLOOP) %(VOLUME)
unlosetup /sbin/losetup -d %(FSCKLOOP)
cifsmount /bin/mount -t cifs //%(SERVER)/%(VOLUME) %(MNTPT) -o "username=%(USER)%(before=\",\" OPTIONS)"

smbmount /usr/bin/smbmount   //%(SERVER)/%(VOLUME) %(MNTPT) -o "username=%(USER)%(before=\",\" OPTIONS)"
ncpmount /usr/bin/ncpmount   %(SERVER)/%(USER) %(MNTPT) -o "pass-fd=0,volume=%(VOLUME)%(before=\",\" OPTIONS)"
smbumount /usr/bin/smbumount %(MNTPT)
ncpumount /usr/bin/ncpumount %(MNTPT)

umount /bin/umount %(MNTPT)

lclmount /bin/mount -p0 -t %(FSTYPE) %(VOLUME) %(MNTPT) "%(before=\"-o\" OPTIONS)"
cryptmount /bin/mount -t crypt "%(before=\"-o\" OPTIONS)" %(VOLUME) %(MNTPT)
nfsmount /bin/mount %(SERVER):%(VOLUME) %(MNTPT) "%(before=\"-o\" OPTIONS)"
mntagain /bin/mount --bind %(PREVMNTPT) %(MNTPT)

mntcheck /bin/mount # For BSD's (don't have /etc/mtab)
pmvarrun /usr/sbin/pmvarrun -u %(USER) -d -o %(OPERATION)

i've tried all kinds of configuration but i never mounted a file system (i think i am to stupid!)


greetinx from bavaria!


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