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Re: mod_auth_pam extended group auth patch

Jesse Guardiani wrote:

Please see attached for a patch to mod_auth_pam that
adds extended group auth support to mod_auth_pam.

In other words, this patch allows you to auth by ANY
group a user is a member of, not just their primary


I noticed that Samba didn't have any trouble auth'ing
by extended groups, so I set out to port the Samba
/etc/group auth code to mod_auth_pam. This patch is
the result of that. However, note that I found a bug
in the Samba 3.0.21c code, so it's a little different
than that code. I plan to submit a bug fix to the
samba project shortly if the bug still exists in their
source (I wrote this patch over a month ago, so I'm
not sure about the current state of things).

Looking back, it's actually been two months since I wrote
the patch, and comparing the patch with Samba today, I
think I might have imagined the bug in Samba when in fact
it was merely a bug in my port of the samba code. I can't
see the bug anymore. :) It was getting really late when I
discovered the supposed bug anyway, so it's very possible
it was just a bug in my patch.

Either way, the patch works, so let me know.

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse guardiani us

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