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Re: Pam-list Digest, Vol 27, Issue 15

Andreas Schindler wrote:
Hi, Jesse,

why did you patch mod_auth-pam and not use a PAM-Module that does the same ?

Well, it seemed like mod_auth_pam was claiming the ability to do what I
wanted, but it just wasn't actually capable of doing it. The patch seemed
like the most direct route to my goal.

IMHO the central idea of pam is to move all the authentication and (in your
case) authorization stuff out of the application code, regardless of doing
so in the central application or a loadable module. If you like, i can send
you the code for a pam module that does exactly wha you want (and even more),
called pam_ttygroup.

Have you used it with mod_auth_pam? Perhaps you're right, I just didn't know
there was an alternative. Yes, please send the code, along with a brief
description of what to do with it and I'll take a look. Thanks.

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse guardiani us

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