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Re: Including pam_faildelay module in PAM distribution


Thorsten Kukuk wrote:
On Sun, Oct 22, Bjoern Voigt wrote:
Why we don't include the module pam_faildelay in the standard PAM distribution? This has some benefits:

I wrote it more or less new using the extended Linux-PAM functions
and wrote some documentation for it. It is now in the Linux-PAM CVS.
Thank you very much for this integration. I checked out the new module online here:


I didn't made tests, but the code look good for me.

One little thing should be changed: In files README, pam_faildelay.8 and pam_faildelay.8.xml we have

   pam_faildelay was written by Bjoern Voigt <bjoern cs tu-berlin de>.

Thank you, but I am not the author. I sent a link to the website from Darren Tucker <dtucker zip com au>:


There (in file pam_faildelay.c) you find the right authors:

    * Based on pam_rootok and parts of pam_unix both by Andrew Morgan
    *  <morgan linux kernel org>
    * Portions Copyright (c) 2005 Darren Tucker <dtucker at zip com au>.

   * users can find it easier since it's in their distribution
   * Linux distributors can configure the applications with fail delay
     be default
   * the module will be maintained

Hm, adding it to Linux-PAM CVS does not mean that it will be maintained.
If nobody maintians it, it could be that it will be, at some point, be removed again.
Yes, but I think this module is not very complex, so that's unlikely that we don't find maintainers for it. For instance I can maintain it, if nobody else (for instance you or Darren want's to maintain it).

Greetings, Björn

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