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Re: Problems using pam_mount together with pam_ssh and pam_keyring on FC6

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 23:01 +0100, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:

> The problem is: it seems that pam_mount doesn't manage to mount the
> partition early enough for pam_ssh or pam_keyring to be able to access
> the keys or keyring. At least that's my conclusion from the behavior I
> have experienced:
>       * After a logout (where - fortunately in my case, but of course
>         still a problem - pam_mount can't unmount the partition because
>         of a running gconfd) logging in again makes everything work as
>         expected.
>       * Also copying the .ssh and the ./gnome2/keyrings directories into
>         the /home/jtl folder where the new partition is to be mounted
>         (so these files are accessible at any time) makes everything run
>         smoothly - but of course it is not the intended setup to have
>         these files outside of the encrypted homedir.
> How can I change my setup so what I want works without the hacks
> mentioned above?

Could someone with a deeper understanding help me here? Even some hints
that it doesn't work/can't work/will work someday/should work, but is
buggy or any information at all would help me here.

Maybe just some links to more information? Should I bugzilla this? If
yes, who's culprit is it?

Thanks for ANY help.


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