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> Hi there guys, I'm asking here cuz in openldap mailing list I was banned
> they say that PAM is off-topic and not LDAP related.

Just to clarify: pam-ldap is off-topic with OpenLDAP because you can use
whatever LDAP client library and whatever LDAP server implementation to
make pam-ldap work.  The fact that a client uses the LDAP client library
doen't mean the implementors of that library have to know why the client
doesn't work as expected.  Asking the implementors of the LDAP library
makes as much sense as asking the implementors of libc, or the
implementors of the compiler or of the OS you're using.

The only case in which it may be on-topic is in case you use OpenLDAP's
implementation of libldap and/or OpenLDAP's slapd __AND__ pam-ldap is not
working because of a bug in any of the OpenLDAP components of the chain,
or because of an incorrect setting of the OpenLDAP portion of the chain,
which seems not to be your case.

Hope this helps clarifying why you possibly got bounced.


Ing. Pierangelo Masarati
OpenLDAP Core Team

SysNet s.n.c.
Via Dossi, 8 - 27100 Pavia - ITALIA
Office:   +39.02.23998309
Mobile:   +39.333.4963172
Email:    pierangelo masarati sys-net it

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