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I can't figure out, what PAM_DEVICE should be good for. IMHO it is far
too unspecific to be really useful.

To the discussion about PAM_DISPLAY: Before all, please consider that 
every X-Display on a local machine (i.e. DISPLAY=x.x or localhost:x.x)
ALWAYS has an associatet TTY, because the X-Server needs a (pseudo-)device
to attach to. So, PAM_TTY and PAM_DISPLAY should be independent of each other.

By the way: why not use the PAM environment to store additional information?
Annother way could is possible using pam_set/get_data.
I've done this successfully when implementing a TACACS-to -PAM gateway.
In conjunction with a special PAM module to store and retrieve Information
i consider this a very smooth way to associate additional information with PAM.


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