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Re: pam_unix.so + nsswitch.conf + nis

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> > And the compat option is not for NIS lookups, it works with
> > every other service, too.

Right, I didn't know that. Good to know.

> > What you mean is, that the +::::: notation in passwd/shadow files
> > was used in libc5 without NYS to support NIS,

Yes you put much better.... my powers of expressiveness in english are
lacking Im afraid

I was using the compat option with the + notation in my /etc files but I
was under the impression that since the compat option was "outdated", it
was a good thing to change it. The "files nis" in nsswitch.conf works,
meaning that lookups, local and NIS, work but still there is this
problem. Why, after a successful "files" lookup, the control doesn't
return to the caller function and goes on initiating a conversation with
the NIS server? Don't know if that conversation is a lookup or something
else to be honest.

To double check I perform local lookups (ssh root NIS-client) with
ypbind on and off. In both cases the lookups are successful.

The only thing that troubles me is that there is a root account in NIS
maps, but I've put an -root:::::: in /etc/passwd of the NIS server.
Still, a ypcat root passwd on the NIS client return root acc info from
the nis maps...

I'm confused...

(sorry for double posting)
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