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Compiling Linux-PAM on Solaris


Please excuse my newness, and I apologize if this is a FAQ or something, but I
haven't found much in the way of information on the subject in my looking
around the web..

I'm looking to port the Linux-PAM package (or at least some portions of it) to
Solaris 8/10 (more specifically, port the modules so that they can work with Solaris libpam) in order to be able to use a couple of the provided PAM modules on
some of our Solaris systems.  Before I start, I wanted to check a couple of
things here to make sure I'm not doing more work than I need to..

1. First, has anybody else already done this, or is anyone working on it?
Alternately, does anybody have suggestions on how to go about this?

2. Is there any interest here in making the Linux-PAM system portable to other
platforms (such as Solaris) in general?  If I come up with some patches to make
things more cross-platform, is it worth trying to submit them back upstream, or
will people not be interested?

Obviously, I'm mainly interested in the modules, but I figured it wouldn't hurt
to try to make libpam, etc, buildable at the same time.  On brief inspection,
it doesn't look like this should be too hard.. I've noticed a couple of
typedefs and library functions (vsprintf, etc) which are missing under Solaris,
but those should be easy to fix.  I also note that most of the modules make use
of a bunch of "pam_modutil" functions which are built into libpam.so, which are
not part of Solaris' PAM implementation, so I'm looking at needing to build
those into a separate (static or shared) library which can be linked against
when building under Solaris, to make the modules compatible with the standard
Solaris PAM implementation.

Those are the main issues I've found so far.  Does this seem reasonable?  Is
there other stuff I'm missing?

Any help/info/etc would be much appareciated..


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