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Re: Compiling Linux-PAM on Solaris

Hi Alex,

On Tue, Aug 28, 2007 at 03:40:34PM -0700, Alex Stewart wrote:

> Please excuse my newness, and I apologize if this is a FAQ or something, but I
> haven't found much in the way of information on the subject in my looking
> around the web..

> I'm looking to port the Linux-PAM package (or at least some portions of it) to
> Solaris 8/10 (more specifically, port the modules so that they can work with
> Solaris libpam) in order to be able to use a couple of the provided PAM modules on
> some of our Solaris systems.  Before I start, I wanted to check a couple of
> things here to make sure I'm not doing more work than I need to..

> 1. First, has anybody else already done this, or is anyone working on it?
> Alternately, does anybody have suggestions on how to go about this?

> 2. Is there any interest here in making the Linux-PAM system portable to other
> platforms (such as Solaris) in general?  If I come up with some patches to make
> things more cross-platform, is it worth trying to submit them back upstream, or
> will people not be interested?

I'm interested in seeing Linux-PAM as a whole be portable to other systems,
but I don't think you'll have an easy time getting the current Linux-PAM
modules to build cleanly against Solaris libpam; if nothing else, the
pam_syslog() function is one that was long overdue and restoring the poor
per-module code that it was designed to replace sounds like a non-starter
to me.

> Obviously, I'm mainly interested in the modules, but I figured it wouldn't
> hurt to try to make libpam, etc, buildable at the same time.  On brief
> inspection, it doesn't look like this should be too hard.. I've noticed a
> couple of typedefs and library functions (vsprintf, etc) which are missing
> under Solaris, but those should be easy to fix.

Sorry, did you mean a different function here than vsprintf?  I can't find
any references to vsprintf in the current Linux-PAM tree.

> I also note that most of the modules make use of a bunch of "pam_modutil"
> functions which are built into libpam.so, which are not part of Solaris'
> PAM implementation, so I'm looking at needing to build those into a
> separate (static or shared) library which can be linked against when
> building under Solaris, to make the modules compatible with the standard
> Solaris PAM implementation.

Right, I imagine it should be the functions that are listed in
libpam/libpam.map under LIBPAM_EXTENSION_1.0 or LIBPAM_MODUTIL_1.0.

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