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Catching the kill signal sent by pam_limits


I'd like to build a small addition to the cpu time limitation features
on my machines. The situation is as follows:

I have a user which is eating to much CPU time. I can limit the cpu
time, which will be consumed by each of his processes to, let say, 1 minute.
If any of his processes reaches the 1 minute CPU time, that process will be
killed. I need to now about that user to automatically do some actions
(blocking his account for a day if killed because of cpu 3 times in hour i.e.).
Is there a place where this event is recorded? Is there a way to catch this
signal with the arguments (PID)? I'v been looking into all logfiles on my
system known to me and found nothing. I'v been googling for a pretty long
time and still no result. If You can point me to the working solution, please
do so.

Thank You very much and have a nice day,


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