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are there any newbie guides to PAM administration?

I've googled as much as I can, read what I can find,
even read snippets of Oreilly books that have some information covering PAM,

but so far, I have yet to find any really good documentation on where a sysadmin can start understanding PAM.

The basics are all there, but I can't find anything on adding or changing authentication methods.

Like say you want to add Radius authentication to the system, so local users can login via radius.
just as an example.

there is no documentation on how to do this, and radius docs don't help much.

there are some examples from an old version of RedHat about changing the /etc/pam.conf but that is obsolete.

None of the examples work, putting the appropriate configurations in /etc/pam.d/login or sshd etc

either does nothing, or locks me out.

the examples seem to be in a different format than pam now accepts.

are there any really good resources, or why hasn't there been a PAM book by OReilly ?


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