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Re: Pam-list Digest, Vol 35, Issue 7

>On Thu, Jan 18, Harvey Muller wrote:
>> 'make install' fails at the 'for i' loop.  It is specifically choking on 'dynamic_eap_methods' which isn't present after running make.
>> It looks like dynamic_eap_methods is intentionally absent, in which case the solution is to merely remove it from the ALL= statement in the Makefile.
>I cannot reproduce this and I cannot find any reference to dynamic_eap_methods.
>You should provide a little bit more informations, for example the
>exact error message and what you did/change.
>  Thorsten

Entschuldigung Sie bitte!


I apologize, you are correct.  I had been working on two issues.  The first, on installing the linux-pam documentation, the second was a wpa-supplicant issue.  And as I am embarrassed to say was the issue I wrongly posted to this list.

Best regards,


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