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Checking if PAM is used by login


I would like to check if PAM is configured to be used during user login and password changes on a Linux machine (running Fedora 6, for example). I check and find that the PAM RPM is installed on the machine. I also find that it is configured in a reasonable manner. My question is knowing whether or not PAM will be used.

I assume that there is something that is done during PAM installation which ensures that it will be used by all those services listed in pam.conf. Is PAM used based on the services (e.g. login or passwd) attempting to load the PAM modules, with the services falling back to other methods if they fail to load PAM modules? Or is there some other method?

Is there any method of checking if the services are compiled to use the PAM modules?

I'm new to PAM and Linux, please forgive me if I've missed something obvious here.

I'd really appreciate any help with this!


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