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Re: PAM+RADIUS Attribute Value Pairs

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Hi Leonardo,

I'm not into the whole radius thing, but if I understand you correctly,
you want to have a possibility to return some data to the application
from your PAM module.

I faced the same problem with my student research project, and I used an
extended conversation function with a new "message-type" as a solution.
This of course breaks compability with many applications (to be more
exact: it breaks compability, if the authorization server - in my case a
XACML-Server - returns some attribute-value-pairs). I solved the problem
by denying any access if the application does not understand my messages.

Also I had to put a lot of effort into the whole encoding/decoding-part,
because the PAM conversation-interface only allows character pointers,
while XACML allows typed attributes with multiple values...

Hope, this helps you.


Leonardo Pereira Santos schrieb:
> Hello All:
> 	I'm using PAM as a interface to a RADIUS server. I managed to get the 
> authentication part working, but I need to get authorization to work too. I 
> know that the pam_radius_auth.so doesn't support authorization, so I'm trying 
> to hack it.
> 	My main problem is how to pass ANY token from the RADIUS reply in the 
> talk_radius() function. What functions in the framework can be used for 
> this ? I have to look at the attribute-value pairs in the AUTH_OK response 
>>from the RADIUS server and then set some attribute. I tried to use the 
> pam_set_data/pam_get_data functions, but they won't work if called from an 
> application.
> 	Any ideas are welcome. Thank you.

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