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pam module that allows users to write their own configuration


Me and my friend started to develop a PAM-module which moves the configuration-process responsibility from system administrator to system users. Every system user is able to configure his own pam-modules stack for authentication.

Main concepts of this module are described at sourceforge:
project website is in progress now.

Module is in beta stage but it works in simple cases.
Source can be browsed trough CVS, source packages to download are up to come.

Getting to the point:
I am writing to you because i am looking for someone who is known to PAM and will be able to say if our concepts are good or wrong.
We are looking on anybody opinion on does our project make sense at all.

I am sorry if i am not clear. I will be glad to answer any question.

best regards, waiting for any response Franciszek Wawrzak, Torun, Poland

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