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pam_unix2 cannot get options


I usually never have to fool in PAM as the default config files are ok.  This time I have a little problem that need to be diagnose.

I have systems running SuSE SLES 9.  In the logs I have the following message:

pam_unix2: cannot get options

How can I find which options pam_unix2 is missing?

Being a stranger to PAM, can you tell me what are good tools to diagnose problems with PAM, if any?

/etc/security/pam_unix2.conf looks like this:
password:    md5
session:    none

/etc/pam.d/su looks like this:
auth     sufficient     pam_rootok.so
auth     required       pam_unix2.so    nullok #set_secrpc
account  required       pam_unix2.so
password required       pam_pwcheck.so  nullok
password required       pam_unix2.so    nullok use_first_pass use_authtok
#session required    pam_homecheck.so
session  required       pam_unix2.so    debug # none or trace


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