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problem with crypt function

Hi All,
I have downloaded  Linux-PAM-0.78 and cross-compiled pam_unix module
to be used on ppc machine. My application authentication fails and
logging show the comparision between encrypted hash and hash stored in
passwd doesnt match.

 [support.c:_unix_verify_password(743)] comparing state of
pp[UH6ewlvf/hvbg] and salt[UHN51fNs.aiae]

I wrote a small program which uses pam_unix and found the program was
able to authenticate properly with the same user and passwd. Basically
the crypt function taking the same password and salt is generating
different hashes in both the cases(for my Application and small

Can anyone please let me know why this could be happening.

I searched through man page of crypt and found nothing relveant to this.

Please let me know if i missed something

Thanks and Best Regards,

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