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Re: pam + ldap: pulling my hair out

On Wednesday 03 June 2009 07:25:53 am Yan Seiner wrote:
> I've been trying to figure out how to get pam authentication working
> with ldap.  From what I've read, it should "just work".  In my case, it
> "just fails".
> No matter what I try, I get
> Jun  3 06:16:42 selene dovecot-auth: pam_ldap: reconnecting to LDAP
> server...
> Jun  3 06:16:42 selene dovecot-auth: pam_ldap: ldap_simple_bind Can't
> contact LDAP server
> I get this with every service I try; not just imap.
> I've turned on debugging in ldap; pam is not connecting to the ldap
> server at all.
> AFAICT, I have all of my pam modules set up correctly; at least I've
> followed the debian pam + ldap wiki and it all seems to make sense,
> except that pam never tries to actually connect to port 389.
> /etc/pam_ldap.conf has all the correct uri for the ldap server.
> Is there some way to turn on debugging in pam?  Some way to see what
> it's doing?  A way to examine the modules it's using?
> Thanks,
> --Yan

There is debugging options for the PADL pam_ldap module for this. Not sure 
about /etc/pam_ldap.conf, since the default configuration file for the PADL 
module is /etc/ldap.conf, and you of course need to set the right stuff in 
nsswitch.conf too.

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