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Re: httpd authentication

Jason Clifford wrote:
On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 8:59 PM, Yan Seiner <yan seiner com <mailto:yan seiner com>> wrote:

    In that I can't find any distro that includes it; it was dropped from
    Debian in 2009 due to being unmaintained.

That does not mean it is out of date or doesn't work.

It hasn't been maintained since around 2007. I'll try to build it but I don't have much hope from reading the bug reports for debian and ubuntu.

Even a cursory googling for mod_auth_pam returns an article suggesting mod_auth_external to replace it in all apache versions.


    > Which httpd do you want to authenticate against?

    I'm authenticating against a service-subscription website.  They
    use http
    authentication.  As long as a user is paid up, they can log in.
     If not,
    they're redirected to the payment portal.

None of that is pam specific.

Also when I asked which httpd I was asking which daemon you are using - ie apache, lighttpd, etc.
I think the confusion is that mod_auth_pam allows apache or lighttpd to authenticate using the pam stack. I need to go the other way, have pam query a web server with a username and password, and get back a yes or no, much in the way that cURL can do.

I have 2 pieces of software:

one has a user database which tells me if a user is valid or not; the second provides a service

The second needs to query the first via http basic authentication to see if a user is valid. The second uses pam for authentication.


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