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Re: Pam Perl or how to debug a pam module

It actually is the module writers guide that should be used. In terms of debugging once compiled as shown above, tools like nm, ldd and objdump can be used to verify library linking and function calls available within the compiled shared object.

Jason Gerfen

On Dec 21, 2011, at 2:59 PM, "ben" <ben appliedplastic com> wrote:

> On 12/20/2011 6:20 PM, Jason Gerfen wrote:
>> Linker errors? My first assumption is that you are trying to link to the PAM libraries, in which case...
>> gcc -o pam_module.so pam_module.c -llibpam 
>> Of course this is all listed within the developers handbook
>> Jas
> That looks like it might be my problem. I will test tonight. could you
> point me to the developer's handbook, Which i assume is not the module
> writer's guide included with my distro.
> thanks,
> ben
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