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dirsrv, SSH and forcing password change at first login

Hi all,

I've got four LDAP servers up and running in multi-master configuration. Everything works fine, including ACIs, password policies, but I've got a problem in forcing users to change their passwords at first successful login.
I tried both methods "passwordMustChange: on" on the Password Policy Container and "passwordExpirationTime: 19700101000000Z" as attribute and value of the user, but with no luck. User is still able to login even after a password reset.
I tried to Google for this problem - of course! - I made some modification to PAM subsystem, (pam.d/* configuration files), nsswitch.conf and sshd_config, (challenge-response auth).
I even tried to dig for some useful and unknown to me PAM module, but nothing did the trick, so I reverted everything to the original configuration.
I'm sure the Password Policy works because if I try to forcibly change my password as an LDAP SSH-connected user - with passwd - it applies all the checks I setup in Password Policy, (syntax and all the rest). But why, then, this particular feature doesn't work?
Please can you give me a clue, if you have it? :)
PAM/NSS could be the responsible?

Here are some specs of the software used:

RHEL Server 5.4 "Tikanga"
Kernel 2.6.18-164.el5
DS 8.2.0-2
PAM, SSHD, and all the rest are factory-default in Tikanga :)


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