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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Warning I am pretty horny right now. So I was wondering if youre free to set something up now or no?

I couldn't figure out how to put a photo with my e-mail but I've got a couple on my page if u would like to see

I've gave my number out to a couple of psychos in the past and needed to change my number so now I just keep that info locked up

There's a quick free background screener app on that site and basically its only to verify that neither of us is jail-bait and we are not sex offenders

I'm hoping it should give the two of us some peace of mind so you know I am some pro or going to harvest your organs for the black market. LOL

I've been there a couple months and have never been charged so I don't think it shouldnt be a big deal to do, you can grab my # from my profile when ya do the thing and give me a ring and we can chat.

I am signing off my comp now, I hope to hear from you.

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