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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Just to warn you... I am super turned-on right now. Dunno if you're free to meet in the next hour or no?

I couldn't figure out how to send a picture to my email but I have a couple on over here if you want to look

I have gave my phone # out to a couple psychos in the past and needed to block them so now I kinda keep that shit secure

Theres a easy free background screener app on there and basically it is simply to ensure that neither you or I is messing around and we are not sex offenders

So hopefully it will give the two of us some peace of mind so you don't think I'm some hooker or looking to cut out your kidneys and sell them. lol!

I have been verified a couple months and have never been charged so it shouldnt be a big problem to do, just grab my cell # off my profile after ya do the verifier and gimme a call and we'll chat.

I'm gettin off the computer for now, I hope to get your call soon.

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