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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

heya glad I heard back from you. So I recently broke it off with my ex but Im not feeling like I'm on a rebound I suppose cuz its been a few months. So now I'm checking whats here and wanna keep it nsa for right now.

if thats what your up for 100% or not, quite a few guys say they're down but aren't and a ton say they are not but thats really ideal, but at least you know whats up on my end.

Id describe me as pretty, smart, and I love to laugh. Definitely lookin for a man that isn't only shallow, since I'm not. I have pics on my profile if you wanna look.

I put up my cell # on there as well, however its just one I use for internet things because I have had a couple men who would not stop bugging me in the past. It does still forwards the any calls and texts to my cell anyways.

If you like what you see and I'm your type, contact me. If not then good luck in your searc!

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