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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Heya again! Are you any good at doing a massage? My job is kinda hurtin me and I have not had a rub down in quite awhile.

I can host if you would prefer, you can just lemme know when a good time is for you? I have got a adjustable schedule and do school in the meantime so I will make somethin work.

Oh yea I've got pix on my page if you would want to look at them. You can do the screening thing and it'll show you my phone # and we can text or chat to get to know each other better. So far I like you!

I realize its a little strange to do that verifier, the reason why is a couple of my girl friends who've hooked up on Craigs list said to do it since a friend of ours got sexually assaulted when she met someone from another site and it had worked out fine for them. I am positive you see my reasoning. Send me a message so that I'll know u got my number.

|} Cya later

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