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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Just a little heads up... I am pretty turned-on right now. So I was wondering if youre able to meetup in the next hour or no?

I couldn't figure out how to put a photo with my email but I have a couple on Here if you wanna take a look

I've given my cell number out to a couple nutjobs in the past and had 2 get my # changed so now I kinda keep that info under lock and key

There is a little no cost screener thing on my page and basically it is only to make damn sure that neither one of us is jailbait and we are not sex offenders

Hopefully it'll give me at least some peace of mind so you don't think I'm just some hoebag or looking to harvest your organs for the black market. lol!

I've been on there a couple months and haven't been charged so I don't think it shouldnt be a big deal to do, you can grab my cell number from my page after ya do the screener and give me a holler and we'll chat.

I'm signing off my comp for now, hope to get a call soon.

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