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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

heya glad I heard back from ya. I just broke up with my bf but I am not really on the rebound I suppose cuz it's been a few months. Just kind of seeing who is on here and going to keep it casual for right now.

if that is some thing your interested in 100% or not, quite a few men say they are but really aren't and some say they aren't but are, so at least you understand what is going on for me.

I'd describe myself as sexy, smart, and a good sense of humor. Sort of searching on here for someone that isn't only all about looks, since I'm not. I have photos on here if you'd like to see.

I put my number on there as well, however its just one I use for web stuff cuz I have had a couple dudes who just wouldn't stop bugging me in the past. It does still forwards any calls and texts to my cell phone at least.

If you like what you see and I'm what you're looking for, call me. If not then I wish you the best!

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