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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Yo! thank you 4 messaging me back, I didn't really know if ya got other responses or if I am making your day :)

Yea so I am just going to go out for a little bit but I would love to talk with ya a little bit more.

I've got a policy against give guys I don't know on Craigslist my number after having just a couple messages which I am fairly certain you can recognize why.

I have a page w/ my pics and phone number on this site but it is not public you do an easy little age-verify type thing and you can access it.

That way, I know you are not some teenager messing around on Craigs list (it HAS happened to me a few times) and I'll know you're not some crazy sex criminal.

Give me a txt b4 you call me if u are going to, at least to let me know it is you. Or if you can't text leave a msg and I will call you back if I can't answer.

I 'll be back home in an hour or so and I am hoping we will be able to set up a meet. TTYL

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