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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Heads up.. Im super turned on right now. Idk if you're able to get something going now or no?

I couldn't know how to put a photo to my message but I have a few on this site if you want to look

I have gave my cell # out to a couple psychos in the past and needed 2 change my # so now I got to keep that info secure

Theres a easy no cost verify service on the page and really its just to make sure that neither one of us is messing around and we're not criminals

Hopefully it'll give me at least some peace of mind so you don't think I am just some hooker or looking to harvest your organs for the black market. LOL

I have been there a few months and never been charged so I don't think it shouldn't be a big problem to do, you can access my # off my profile when ya do the screener and give me a holler and we can talk.

I am gettin off my laptop for now, hope to hear back from ya.

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