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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Hi thanks for mailing me back, I was wondering if ya got other messages or if I've brightened yer day

So I'm kinda going to go out for a lil bit but I'd really love to get a chance to talk with ya a little more.

I have a little policy to not give guys I don't know on Craigs List my phone number after just an email or two but I am fairly sure you can recognize why.

I've got a page with my pic and # on this website but it is not publicly available you do a little no cost age verification thing and then you can get it.

This way I know you're not some horny teen playing around on CL (its happened to me a couple of times) and to know you're not a psycho sex criminal.

Shoot me a txt before you call me if you are going to, if only to tell me it is you. If you don't text leave a msg and I'll give ya a call if I am screening calls.

I should be back to my house in about hour or so and I hope we can set something up. TTYL

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