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Re: How can I know the PAM version?

Hey there glad I heard back from ya. Well I recently broke up with my bf but Im not feeling like I'm on the rebound I suppose cuz it has been a couple of months. Now I'm on the hunt to see what's on here and wanting to keep things nsa for now.

if thats something your into or not, quite a few men say they're down but aren't and a lot say they are not but thats really ideal, but at least you understand what I'm up for.

I would describe me as pretty, sassy, and a good sense of humor. Definitely searching on here for a guy who is not only all about looks, as I'm not. I have pics on this url if you want to look.

I put my cell number on there as well, however it is just one that I use for online things cuz I have had some men who just would not leave me alone in the past. It still forwards the calls and text msgs to my cell anyways.

If you like what you see and I'm what you're looking for, text me. If I'm not then good luck!

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