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Get the service which succeeds.


I'm working on construction which gives access to various resources
like audio cd's, but also
remote resources like FTP servers and SMB shares.



Important is that the user does not have to configure anything, well
as less as possible.

One of the things when accessing smb shares for example is the uid:gid
reported by the remote server
has any meaning on this local machine. If no, then they are
overwritten by local ones. This is right now done
using settings, the administrator has to adjust.

I wonder, is it possible to detect automatically the service which has
succeeded doing the auth? When it's for example pam_ldap, pam_winbind
etc then the "userid" base is remote.

Well knowing this is not enough, it's still required to know the
remote server uses the same uid base if it's remote...

But first, is it possible with pam to get the service which succeeded?


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