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Linux-PAM 1.5.0 released


I'm happy to announce that Linux-PAM 1.5.0 has been released.

Noteworthy changes in Linux-PAM 1.5.0:

* Multiple minor bug fixes, portability fixes, and documentation improvements.
* Extended libpam API with pam_modutil_check_user_in_passwd function.
* configure: added --disable-unix option to disable build of pam_unix module.
* pam_faillock: changed /run/faillock/$USER permissions from 0600 to 0660.
* pam_limits: added support for nonewprivs item.
* pam_motd: read motd files with target user credentials skipping unreadable ones.
* pam_pwhistory: added a SELinux helper executable.
* pam_unix, pam_usertype: implemented avoidance of certain timing attacks.
* pam_wheel: implemented PAM_RUSER fallback for the case when getlogin fails.
* Removed deprecated pam_cracklib module, use pam_passwdqc (from passwdqc project)
  or pam_pwquality (from libpwquality project) instead.
* Removed deprecated pam_tally and pam_tally2 modules, use pam_faillock instead.
* pam_env: Reading of the user environment is deprecated and will be removed
	   at some point in the future.
* libpam: pam_modutil_drop_priv() now correctly sets the target user's
          supplementary groups, allowing pam_motd to filter messages accordingly.

Release link with the tarballs and their signatures for download:

Dmitry V. Levin, Tomas Mraz, Thorsten Kukuk

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