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[PATCH] untested i[45]86 support for nptl 0.10

Hi all,

I reworked the i586 patch according to Ulrichs suggestions. It applies
cleanly to nptl 0.10, but I still haven't compiled it, due to
toolchain problems.

The patch moves two files (pthread_spin_trylock.S and bits/atomic.h)
from i686 to i486 and modifies pthread_spin_trylock.S the same way
Ulrich changed lowlevelrwlock.S. Also, it tries to clarify in
bits/atomic.c that the unused function
__arch_compare_and_exchange_64_acq won't work on i486.

The toolchain problem I have, is that the assembler complains about a
non-constant parameter to .IF. Probably, my gcc-snapshot is too old
(20021103); it doesn't seem to be as (both and show the problem). Unfortunately, compiling gcc is not an
option: glibc takes about 8 hours on a P120, I don't want to know what
gcc would take.

Anyhow, I hope someone else is more fortunate than I and either runs
RedHat 8.0 or has anough spare time to compile gcc him/herself.


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