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test of Nptl 0.10 on i586 host.

This is a test of the i586 patch over nptl-0.10.

AMD K6-III 450 mhz, i586 architecture.
glibc CVS 20021128 + nptl 0.10 + nptl-0.10-i586 patch .
kernel 2.5.49
debian unstable .. updated around 28 november ..
gcc-snapshot is a gcc-cvs 20021103 

so gcc-3.3 (with tls) seems ok( 1 sigsegv while building the glibc...) binutils ...

$ export PATH=/usr/lib/gcc-snapshot/bin/:$PATH
$ tar jxvf glibc-cvs20021128.tar.bz2
$ tar jxvf nptl-0.10.tar.bz2 -C glibc-2.3.1.cvs20021128
$ cd glibc-2.3.1.cvs20021128
$ gunzip -c ../nptl-0.10-i586.diff.gz | patch -p0 
$ cd ..
$ mkdir build; cd build
$ ../glibc-2.3.1.cvs20021128/configure --prefix=/home/nptl/root/ 
    --with-tls --enable-add-ons=nptl --enable-kernel=2.5.49 &>
$ make &> World.make
$ make subdirs=nptl check &> World.check

and all the tests seems to work properly ...
the test's outputs seems ok ...
no asm issues during the build. 

I also tested that :
It seems to works ( ~ same output as linuxthreads. ) 

I also launched apache2 with nptl.
I had 3 pid in top's output instead of 150 ..(nice)
Then i tried 
 $ lynx http://localhost/server-info [enter]
to get some thread-related informations.
and since that moment, my box is frozen .;)

I might have done a big mistake, that's was my launch command :

#2. Run compiled-upon-Linuxthreads programs with NPTL
GLIBCDIR=/path/to/NPTL/glibc; \
$GLIBCDIR/elf/ld.so --library-path $GLIBCDIR:$GLIBCDIR/math:\
/lib/:/usr/lib   \      
/usr/bin/apache2 -k start 

I added /lib/:/usr/lib  to provide some missing libraries like libz.so
Is that a huge and horrible mistake ?

Details will(hopefully) come later if you need them.
- the host respond to ICMP pings.
- ssh connections are not possible any more.


|Jaquemet Loic                                 |
|Eleve ingenieur en informatique FIIFO, ORSAY  |
#wirelessfr @ irc.freenode.net

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