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RE: NPTL <=> NGPT performance test results with pingpong benchmark

That is really strange. With my SMP box (2xPIII 933MHz w/ 512MB), on top of
kernel 2.5.49, 
nptl 0.10 does not show any hangs for three rounds. Maybe we need resort to
a third person to try this. 

						Round1		Round2
./pp32  -n 10 -i 100 -S 32768			7.513ms	7.222ms	7.376ms
./pp32  -n 128 -i 100 -S 32768			273.146ms	221.26ms
./pp32  -n 1000 -i 100 -S 32768			1872.737ms	1838.021ms
./pp32  -n 4000 -i 100 -S 32768			10108.396ms	10570.504ms
./pp32  -n 4000 -i 1000 -S 32768			58658.617ms
47957.751ms	57482.509ms
./pp32  -n 4000 -i 100 -S 32768 -p shared		10880.192ms
10359.476ms	10987.191ms

Steps to compile and check:

[root localhost pingpong]# GLIBCDIR=/home/NPTL/glibc; \
gcc -O2 -o pp32 pingpong.c $GLIBCDIR/nptl/libpthread.so.0
$GLIBCDIR/libc.so.6 \

[root localhost pingpong]# ldd pp32
        libpthread.so.0 => /home/NPTL/glibc/nptl/libpthread.so.0
        libc.so.6 => /home/NPTL/glibc/libc.so.6 (0x40023000)
        /home/NPTL/glibc/elf/ld-linux.so.2 =>
/home/NPTL/glibc/elf/ld-linux.so.2 (0x40000000)

Bingwei Liu
My words stand for personal point of view

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Saurabh Desai [mailto:sdesai austin ibm com]
>Sent: 2002?12?10? 8:45
>To: Liu, Bing Wei
>Cc: phil-list redhat com
>Subject: Re: NPTL <=> NGPT performance test results with 
>pingpong benchmark
>I am also following the same process and tried with
>nptl 0.12 on 2.5.49 kernel and with glibc-cvs running
>on RH8.0. The results are same as before:
>pp32 -n 4000 -i 100 -S 32768 still hangs.
>I tried with "-i 10" and same thing.
>pp32 -n 128 -i 100 -S 32768 takes about 10-20 sec
>The results varies on each run.
>Also, with "-i 10" it takes more time, that's 
>really strange, it should be done quickly!
>Can you try various no. of games for 100 and
>10 iterations? Also, run multiple times to 
>compare each results.

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