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nptl 0.13

I've uploaded


We reached another plateau in the development which makes a source drop
possible.  A lot of little things changed.  The cancellation handling
should now be almost (95%) complete, various compatibility problems have
been fixed (in nptl and glibc), lots of optimizations, and several more
tests.  I've also added support for the bleeding edge AT_SYSINFO stuff
in the 2.5.52+ kernels to use the sysenter instruction.  This is only
available when compiling glibc with nptl.  It'll never be done for

To use the code you need the very latest CVS glibc (as of
2002-12-20T09:00+00).  The tools situation shouldn't have changed
although I'm not entirely sure since I update constantly to the latest
Red Hat versions of gcc and binutils.

A glibc compiled with nptl should be able to run almost everything in a
Linux distribution.  Only very few problems were reported.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  I'm also always interested
in performance reports, comparisons with other thread library

--------------.                        ,-.            444 Castro Street
Ulrich Drepper \    ,-----------------'   \ Mountain View, CA 94041 USA
Red Hat         `--' drepper at redhat.com `---------------------------

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